Is anyone able to use the zune desktop software?

Hey guys,

i bought the lumia 900 first day it arrived in germany (yay). One big YAY for me was, the deinstallation of the incredibly painful iTunes Software which i used to sync stuff to my previous phone (iPhone 4).

Unfortunately: Zune sucks even more.

I kind of refuse to believe that this software actually sucks so much so i hope thats just some stupid user (aka me) who doesnt know how to use it. Here is what i miss and hate, feel free to lecture me how i missuse zune.

  1. No drag & drop of files?
    I seriously can't drag music from Folder A to a playlist?
  2. No Folder management
    I can't even access a folder. Like Folder B has some nice tracks and i want all those. It is not possible to drag it into zune and not possible to access it via zune?
  3. My of course not very well sortet music library is a total mess in zune. If i search for an album, i get like 25 albums with the same title and in each of them is one single track. What the fuck is wrong here?
  4. The UI - oh god... What kind of interface is this? Totally against the look&feel of every other microsoft programm. Its the only thing that runs windowed by default, no right klick, stupid needless animations and no file/folder access? Please tell me i downloaded the wrong client.
  5. I can't just look whats on my phone. Do i really have to check my library on the PC for the phone-icon to see whats on my phone?
  6. No "cross-reference-things? E.g.: i search for "Crawling" - no i get the "Linkin Park -Crawling" track with the info that it's filed in the Album "Hybrid Theory". How the hell can i access the album now to view all tracks?
  7. no alternative
    I seriously can't use my windows 8 RP or some other tweak to get my music to my lumia900 ?
I'm kinda on rage right now because i'm trying since two hours to get my music to my phone. No import from iTunes (except for some weird 3rd party software). This zune-thing lacks everything. Usability, Windows Style and most importantly: logic. Of course, i know, the software would suck much less if all my tracks would've all propber id3-Tags, Names, Folders ect. But they don't because they're from the time where Windows Media Player copied CDs to the PC into a "Unknown Artist"-Folder (roughly translated from german) with Tracknames from "Track 01" to "Track 12".
I read somewhere here that MSFT will drop the zune software with Windows 8. But on the RP, the Music-App sucks like the Zune-Software. No Drag&Drop of files, no Folder-Access ect. This is kinda a killer feature for me, does anyone knows some alternatives?