Whats your phone history???

I didn't see this thread so why not, it could be a fun discussion or a horrible flame war, we will see

No6310i_medium I started my cellphone history with a Nokia 6210 back in 2002. It did the job, had snake and space invaders on it. I could call text, and even use as a dail up modem (never tried it) early day hot spot!! I think it was a one year contract back then and I was excited to upgrade.

No3650_medium In 2003 I upgraded to this beast of a brick and one of my favorite phones ever. The Nokia 3650. I think this was my first smartphone but I didn't know it at the time I don't know if the term existed back the. Running on Symbian s60 this had custom themes/wallpapers, customizable and movable folders, multitasking (yes in 2003 full multitasking), memory card slot, apps and games that you could download (metal slug was great on this), image and video capture, and the list goes on and on. I couldn't believe what this phone could do. I also believe this was the fisrt phone with video capture it was a wap browser (i remember streaming 3gp porn on this). I remember my friends with crappy moto flip phones that could only call and text making fun of me for having a zack morris phone, but this started my unhealthy obsession with mobile tech. The large screen for the time was great so much information on one screen nothing else could compare, which really let me down for my next phone. It came to a sad end with a long night of drinking and a gross story I won't subject anyone to.

Snt610_medium having to replace my favorite phone that i loved was tough, everything that At&t was a downgrade, nothing else did video???, nothing else took memory cards, everything had a smaller screen, less memory etc.. This was weird that we seemed to be moving backwards but everyone was going for the smaller for factors, consumers held back innovation. So I settled on the Sony Ericsson T610 and I ended up really liking it. I didn't have a lot I had on my nokia but the screen was vibrant and had really nice colors, the form factor and build quality was solid and felt great. I could still do internet, take pics and the stills were better. This was though the last time I bought a phone on contract for a long time. I started to read more reviews when it came time to upgrade and decided I would by the phone I wanted and not was limited selection I was offered.

Sns710_medium In 2004 I found the phone I wanted and got it off of ebay. My Sony Ericsson S710 reminded me of my nokia 3650 with the large screen it was 240 by 320 and was considered the HD display of its day, really looked amazing at the time. The camera was a 1.3mp camera and pictures looked great on that display, back to having video capture and expandable memory. The phone was great for gaming with that big screen, I would swivel out the keyboard at 90 degrees and the controls were very natural, Galaxy on Fire was amazing on this This was one of the first phone that could do 3D games. But the thing that made me rearlly love this was it had a music player, also one of the first, and expandable memory and headphones(through a crappy sony port that always fell off). The speaker was loud, louder than most phones made now, but not great quality. But I would set the phone on my desk at work and listen to The Clash, it was great. The drawback of the cards it could only take I think something like 128mbs so I had 8 cards I would swap out to have more music on it. I had a little cloth mini sd card wallet that I would put in my wallet. But it came time to upgrade after awhile

Sonyericsson-w810_medium It was a long time to find a phone that was an upgrade in everyway and in the end I had to sacrifice sreen size, but man I found a winner. In 2006 the Sony Ericcson W810 came out, I got this because my main concers were music, memory, and camera and this checked off all of those. I could now use cards up to 2gbs and it still had the sony port on bottom but the headphones that came with it had a 3.5mm connection on the cord so I could use any headphones i wanted. The speakers were much better quality and the walkman series meant that I had quick launch music buttons, another thing to love. The camera was amazing 2mp for the time with dual led for flash and flashlight, came in really handy. There was so much to love about this phone it took a big upgrade to make me leave this. As it aged i remember looking around and again I had to keep sacrificing to upgrade. Everything was moving from mini sd cards to micro, but micro was so new that the memory it was available in was tiny and I would have to loose memory storage, many phones had lesser cameras, or no dedicated music controls

Nokia-n95-8gb_medium In either late 2007/early 2008 it was time to upgrade and I was between 2 choices. I loved my last phone and finally came some really tempting phones that would change the mobile landscape. It was between the Nokia n95 and the Iphone. I spent a good month of more choosing. Why I went for the n95 was camera, speakers, video capture, gps, apps(yes really the n95 had lots of apps and the iphone didn't allow them, ironic) and just overall the iphone was really limited comapred to this. So I loved phones i had in the past, none compared to my love of this. What can I say this was a computer in my pocket, not just a camera and music player. Having a much better browser with flashlight was amazing, ngage had games I wish nokia would bring back to this day, resident evil, creatures of the deep, 3d snake, I loved it. The speakers were better than any android phone to this day minus the sony play. The camera is still competitive to modern flagship android phones and beats a lot. Took apple to the 4s to beat this camera. I could go on and on about this phone it could just do everything. So the n96 comes out and I was sure I would get it, but reviews were back it wasn't really an upgrade, the n97 and i wanted to go touch at this time, but no that phone was such a mess. The current androids wern't and upgrade to me and the new iphones still missing to much that my n95 had. Then something finally hit the market that blew me away like my n95 did

Nokia-n900_medium In 2009 my biggest love/hate relationship with a phone came and it was the Nokia N900 running Maemo and holy shit this phone was special, fat for its day but wow and wow and fuck and fuck. So i'll get the bad out of the way. Battery, horrible and it would die so fast, more on that later. OVI maps did not have voice guidance and no mms??? weird that the iphone didn't do this at first but why leave it out. Nokia said with the strong email integration that you didn't need to send mms, but its a phone and phones send mms to each other. Someone came out with and app to fix it, but the other two issues killed me. So the good, Open source, this phone was a one off so not many apps but the apps were amazing. So the apps were deep into the OS and the OS was amazing. Having all of your chats (text, facebook, yahoo, aim, msn, etc..) all threaded and integrated into the contacts was crazy. Alot of phones can't do that to this day. Apps that customized the drop down box, before android had a drop down box, apps that changed the notifications, emulators, leds that could be changed with apps, it went on and on and on. Widgets that you could put on any pixel, not into a grid any pixel. You could have widgets or shortcuts sit on top of each other if you wanted, the 4 screens wrapped around and setting up was like a work of art. A weird thing but I didn't mind was it really only worked in landscape. The keyboard was great and productivity was amazing. Microb was a full flash browser and best mobile browers I have ever used. Multitasking was just only matched my meego. I have gone on for enough here and I'm leaving alot out but the battery issues really killed me and it was time to move on. But to this day this was the closets thing to having a computer in my pocket, felt more like that than a phone.

Nokia-n8-silver_medium Again it was a long process, do I jump ship and move to android or IOS. Well IOS was out, to limited. I wanted freedom. Android just didn't do it in the hardware department. So back to symbian for the 3rd time. It was sad to leave Maemo for Symbian, Maemo was just a better platform but the fucking battery. But the n8 was amazing in its own ways. I got this phone pretty much on release so late 2010 and I used the hell out of this phone. I was happy to have certain apps back like mobbler as a prime example. I was blown away by the camera and still am to this day, the connectivity options still blow me away. I really "like" this phone and I didn't upgrade for 2 years for me that is kinda a long time. So many this it did right, podcasts, twitter, music. A great speaker, amazing headphone quality. Everything other than the browser(fixed with opera) was just solid and worked. It didn't have the flash and flair, but it never let me down. The hardware was so good I delt with the oddities of symbian. But symbian worked. I'm not big on email, or games. But it did leave me longing for a phone that did blow me away like my W810 did or n95 and n900. This was just a phone that really did it and did it well. So I left my dear nokia for flash and aw

Samsung-captivate_medium So I went android, everyone was saying at the time how great the galaxy series is and since I hadn't signed a contact on At&t and my only choice to leave them would be tmobile, why not get a cheap device and give this a shot. A failed experiment, not on software but some issues there, but on hardware in a horrible way this device wasn't usable on a day to day basis. The camera was an embarrassment, no flash and a average 5mp? This was a flagship $600 not on contract device, horrid tinny speakers with no volume to speak of. Those 2 things alone ruined it. So we go to software I admit it was much better, but not enough to make up for the horrible hardware. Homescreen was pretty the screen was better, but I could fit more on my symbian anna homescreen than was smaller with less resolution than I could with the more pixels and bigger screen, thats less productive. Browsing was much smoother and I still installed opera and wow opera on android was nice. Apps installed less intrusive and there were so many more. Widgets were more and more sizes, but they didn't compare with widgets for maemo. I really didn't get android. Maps were not as good as nokia. So I went back to my n8 and gave this highly rated piece of shit to a friend for free. Only phone I have ever bought that I didn't like in my life

Nokia-n9-00-cyan_medium I was content with my n8 for awhile, now the new androids were getting better and better and leaving my n8 in the dust, but still HTC couldn't make a camera untill 2012 to save thier lives but till this day they can't do a loudspeaker. The Galaxy s2 tempted me, but it seemed there was always something around the corner that I wanted to see before I bought that. Then came the galaxy nexus, but the camera and the loudspeaker again making it a no go for me, then the n9. I waited a bit to get this because I wasn't sure and I wanted to let the first update to hit, I know nokia first launches tend to be buggy. Now this is the phone I am using today and its like the n900 but a love/dissapoint relationship. Everytime I take a picture I am dissapointed, everytime I use the loudspeaker I am dissapointed. They are not unusable like the Galaxy S captivate, but not as good as my n8. No hdmi out kinda sucks, but the UI is heavenly. It doesn't have many apps but it has what I need. I love the way it works its just natural. The screen is beautiful, but day in and day out I'm let down when I need to snap a shot or listen to a podcast.

Nokia-808-pureview_mediumI am in love with this phone, yeah its symbian but symbian has never been so smooth and realiable. With the bump with processor and ram this really moves well, where my n8 started to slow down. The screen resolution does suck, but the contrast, colors and overall look is amazing and its perfect outdoors. The way the phone feels in the hand is second to none. The camera is what it is, best by far. The speakers blow away anything else I have used. There is so much I love about this, the rubber between the curved glass and polycarb is such a nice touch. Symbian is old but Gravity is still the best I have used for twitter on anything, the QT apps are really good, fmobi or facinate are both amazing facebook apps that will go head to head to anything on android. Still bad for gaming, not enough options. But for media and social networking its hard to beat. Also Sleeping screen makes me sad to hold anything without it

Htc-one-x-ofic_medium So I wasn't on contract with Att and I have no real desire to chage, cdma doesn't work for me and tmoble doesn't offer enough to get me to switch. So I resigned my contract to get this cheap (3rd phone this year). I am going to see if this can take my 808 away as my daily driver. Everything is nicer looking, but less efficient. I can barley tell the difference in the speed of this to my 808 outside of installing apps. The polycard is really cheap feeling after having a 808 and n9. The screen is worth everybit of hype, its amazing. The speaker is sad compared to my 808. I have only had it for a few hours so I will update this with more later.