Has an SSD Changed your Storage/computing habits?

Today while at Micro Center, I saw what I thought was a deal for a 256GB Crucial M4 SSD. The price was 189.99 which is one of the cheapest prices I've seen for a modern 256GB SSD. I bought it without hesitation.

That said: I have a few questions:

Anyone own the M4 Crucial 256Gb SSD drive? because this was a limited sale, I impulse bought it with out much research. New Egg had this drive for 209.99$ and typically they are really cheap, so I was surprised a brick and mortar store was able to beat them in price so much.

Storage space. : This drive is replacing a 500GB Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid drive which served me extremely well for the past year. I loved how it offered fast app launching, quicker boot time and then at the same time, a ton of storage. With that said, I no longer will need be able to hold all my files on one disk anymore. I am ok with adjusting some of my habits however its going to be an adjustment. My Home folder has 299Gb on it right now. 100gb of Music and 81Gb of Pictures in iPhoto. Obviously I am going to have to consolidate.

I've already signed up for a paid subscription of Spotify to help with my music addiction and am going to do some serious cleaning out of my iPhoto library to hold just the best pictures so I have room for new ones. I have a WD MyBook Live that I can add all my music files too which can be served to itunes when I am at home so if Spotify doesn't have it, I can still listen unplugged.

With all that said. How has having an SSD changed your storage and computing habits? Typically I don't clean up my drive very often however I feel going forward, its going to be a must to do so