I Want to Play a Good Digimon Game

Hi, guys!

I like Digimon! In fact, it is one of the reasons I use the internet and am not still an introverted weirdo like my parents were hoping I'd be. It is also incidentally the reason I swear more than all of you combined. That said, I have never <i>once</i> played a Digimon game that was not a Korean F2P MMO, and I would very much like to do so. Any recommendations?

I was thinking maybe I'd get Digimon Dawn/Dusk for the DS when I pick up a 3DSXL, but I also thought I might go look for some of the older Digimon games. Any recommendations?

Man, I'd really just like to play a 3D Action-Adventure/RPG with a nice, big, interesting world and the ability to play as any Digimon type. That'd be cool beans.