Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM)

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Reviewed by phantomash (Currently owns)

I've used this phone for almost 8 months now, I have to say this phone truly embodies the vision that Google had for Android Ice Cream Sandwich and forward, with its design and the pure Android that it is running.

The design of this phone is exceptional, with the clean sleek black front curved contour display, void of any manufacturer branding, its just gorgeous. I never got tired looking at it.

The fact that the power button is placed at the side of the phone made it easy to access, considering the screen is pretty huge, it would require user to stretch the finger if its placed on top.

The On screen buttons is what make the Galaxy Nexus so special, until this day. Besides it is what Google has envisioned Android to be, it also provides another space for custom developers to play with. There has been tons of mods for the navigation bar, including the look and feel of it, the amount of buttons, the functions of buttons, hiding the bar with the power menu, widget in navigation bar, etc. This I believe is only a start, the possibilities are endless.

Despite its aging hardware, I have not experienced any case where I'd wish for better CPU and GPU. Every apps and games has been handled well by the Galaxy Nexus. It's a fact that CPU and GPU really doesn't matter so much anymore at this day and age, considering the things we do are still mobile tasks.
Better hardware probably won't bring any kind of significant difference in user experience, beside having higher benchmark, and launching website few seconds faster, etc etc. They're all irrelevant to how a user use the phone in real life. Hardware spec is only a carrot used by manufacturers to sell their devices, fact is you don't need top of the line CPU and GPU to operate a phone, just like you don't need an i7 CPU and GTX580 GPU to enjoy using a desktop. Most importantly the hardware spec is adequate enough to run the apps, and that is all that matters.

Most importantly, the Galaxy Nexus runs stock Android, and that makes a whole world of difference. An OS is not just the back end stuff, but the front end accounts major part of it too. In fact, the UI is what determines how the user feel when interacting with the device. What Matias and the design team has done here is amazing, it is what redefines Android. Ever since ICS hit the market,. there have been only positive things to say about. This is largely due to the overhauled UI, which is what makes ICS - ICS.

All in all, given the choice, between HOX, SGS3, and the "aging" Galaxy Nexus, I'd still pick the Galaxy Nexus.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 9
  • Display 10
  • Camera(s) 7
  • Reception / call quality 8
  • Performance 9
  • Software 10
  • Battery life 8
  • Ecosystem 8
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