Making the switch with your help...

Hello everyone. First off, I am new to the forums. Long time reader, first time poster.

To get straight to the point, I am currently an iOS user. The platform is great, to me, and I have no major problems with it. Recently though, especially with the announcement of iOS 6, I have been rethinking my choice of phone. I am just not wowed with the improvements Apple is making, and even the hardware is starting to get boring to me.

I currently have an iPhone 4, and my contract is up and has been since early this year. I had decided that I wanted to wait and see what Apple does come October, but started to wonder if maybe it was time for a change. We are now at the reason for this post. I am, for the first time, seriously considering switching over to Android. Here's why:

Widgets: I love the idea of having everything I normally use at a glance. In iOS I have to unlock the phone, open the app, wait for it to refresh. It's a lengthy process, and I feel as though widgets may lessen this time.

Hardware: My iPhone 4 is beautiful, despite all the cosmetic damages it has incurred over the past 2 years. But with the 4S, and the leaked images of what may or may not be the 5, I am bored with the design. It's the same old, same old. Yes, you don't fix something that isn't broken, but I want a dramatic change, like the 3GS to 4.

Settings: This is one of the biggest annoyances for me on iOS. I frequently need to turn off wifi or bluetooth, and iOS makes it impossible to do this quickly. I won't ramble on about settings, and subsettings, but I like the idea of this being on the home screen.

Siri: Apple seems to be spending a ton of time, especially in iOS 6, on improving Siri. Cool, but I can't see myself using Siri as much as I might think. It's really just a quick gimmick that shouldn't be the main focus on my phone.

Time: I don't spend as much time on my phone as I previously did. Since I bought my iPad, my phone has simply sat aside and been just another object. I don't spend much time on it. The most time I think I spend with it is when I get bored with it, jailbreak, and then test tweak after tweak and make it look like Android.

So why am I here, you might be asking. Well, I want your opinions. I love The Verge and it's users. You are all very helpful and insightful people. What other reasons might there be to switch, or not switch, to Android? What phones can you recommend (I am on AT&T)? GS3, Nexus, One X? What apps does Android have that can help me make the switch?

I want your honest opinion, as it will really help me decide. Please do not let this evolve into a flame war. We are all better than that, and I simply want your opinions. It is ok to disagree, that breeds debate and helps me decide.

So Verge Community, can you help me?