Is Project Butter Complete?

Probably one of the biggest announcements to come out of the Android 4.1 announcement is Project Butter. Aside from its admittedly silly name, it's a clear indicator that the Android team now sees smoothness and responsiveness as top priority for the Android experience moving forward. They even went on to talk about the three things that they implemented in order to make JB faster than ever before: V-Sync, Triple-Buffering, and Higher CPU Responsiveness to touch events.

That's all good and all, and pretty much everyone over at the Verge agrees that the improvements over ICS are very much noticeable. However, Dieter Bohn did state that, at least compared to iOS and WP, true responsiveness and smoothness isn't quite there yet. And it got me thinking about this question: Is Android's quest with Project Butter complete? In other words, is there anything else that the Android team can do to speed up the OS even further by the time the next Android release rolls out? I am, admittedly, not the most technical person in this field, but I am curious as to what else can be done to make Android the fastest that it can be. It would be a shame if their efforts simply ended here with Jelly Bean.

Maybe you guys might have an idea as to what can be done to speed up Android outside of a brute-force technique using hardware. What do you think?