Apple is Mean and Oblivious and Doesn't Believe Their Own Vision of the Future

I don't agree with some of the design descisions that went into the ipad, like the 4:3 screen and the massive bezel, but I understand why those choices were made, the iPad is probably a better product overall because of them. The one choice I do not understand is the name. iPad. Why in the world did they call it that?

First off, its just irresponsible. Its a silly name, that only sounds not silly because its a household name. Really, they could have called it anything, even granny-smith or golden delicious, and it would be a household name with ridiculous numbers of sales. People jump on a bandwagon for a product this good no matter what you call it. I refuse to believe that no one in any focus group or board meeting waved thier hands in the air and said "Guys, we're the most influential tech company on the planet, everyone is going to copy us and the whole Post-PC world is going to look stupid because of us!" My only guess is they were going for the long troll, getting everyone in the world to say iPad a lot without snickering. They've also indirectly flooded the market with EeePads, LePads, Optimus Pads, Transformer Pads, Gpads, APads, and in shenzen: the EyePad. I can't tell if they were oblivious or mean. All I care is that when I get my nexus 7, people are going ask if its my Google iPad (or worse, GPad) and I'm going to be more than a little sad. I'm going to get a picture of my face the first time this happens, send it to Tim Cook and let him know that I hold him personally responsible.

Second, and more importantly, it shows that Apple doesn't (or at least didn't) have faith in their post-PC vision. An iPod is an accessory to a "real" computer (a Macintosh, they hope). If they had really thought that the iPad was going to replace computers, they would've called it a Mac, or some other variety of apple. Am I crazy or do most of the press pictures depict it like an accessory? I would love to know what the 2015 line-up is going to look like, other than extremely shiny. I wonder if Macintosh will still be a thing.

What are your thoughts on the iPad's name? Love it? Hate it? Love what it means? Hate what it means?