Things to take your mind off of the Nexus 7 wait

Hi Guys and Girls,

As I am sure a few of you are also experiencing, the anticipation for the nexus 7 is HUGE, well for me at least. I am never an early adopter (for instance this is going to be my first tablet), though not sure this classes as early adoption as there are other 7" androids on the market already, but I am by no means used to waiting for a pre-orders.

I have found myself reading every bit of new news about the tablet and also playing with some of my own android apps code to make them scale-able to a 7"er. Any of you veterans have any funny suggestions to take my mind off the impending launch??? Here are a few of my own ideas:

Bake a nexus 7 sized cake, compleate with a icing touch screen

Paint a portrait of me and my new best friend, the nexus 7

Knit a 7" tablet cover that can double as a small persons balaclava

Choreograph a "Nexus 7 appreciation dance"

Buy a Play book and pretend its a Nexus 7 (I have a vivid imagination)