Dropbox is thanking its most loyal customers by no longer charging them for their premium subscriptions. It started emailing its "earliest Dropbox users" recently to inform them of the news:


Let’s be real -- you’ve got a ton of cred for being one of the earliest Dropbox users on the block. For sticking with us for all this time, we’d like to give you your 25 GB subscription for free!

No fine print, no catches. You’ll no longer receive a bill for your current Dropbox account. It’s yours for good!

Keep it real,

- The Dropbox Team

PS: Learn more about the new Dropbox Pro plans"

It seems that a small group of early users who were using the smaller Dropbox paid accounts will now receive the space for free. The decision follows yesterday's news that Dropbox is doubling storage for its Pro users.

Thanks, Ara!