What does the future generation of iPad need to become a true 'Post PC' device?

The iPad is meant to usher Apple into the 'Post PC Era' and no one can deny that it moves a step closer to that direction, but even since the advent of iOS5 I'm still not ready to ditch the PC.

Pre and post iOS5 I used my iPad as the 'go to' device for Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Youtube and web browsing but had and relied on my 2010 Macbook as back up support, i.e. it was a machine that held all my photo's, back up of iTunes and infrequent browsing on those pesky flash only sites.

However since I bought a 13" Macbook Air, the iPad has been used less and less frequently and I find fewer and fewer occasions where the touch screen is an advantage over the keyboard and track-pad. In short, I'm not and haven't been at a stage where I am ready to ditch the PC.

Microsoft's take on the tablet, the Surface, while undeniably fascinating, and pleasingly different to that of the Apple solution, seems to be saying, 'the only way to make the tablet a post PC device, is to make the the tablet a PC Laptop by adding keyboard and track-pad pad'. While it may end up being a more productive device in terms of creation and delivery, I still feel that this could be viewed as a cop out and a backwards step.

My two questions are:

Is the iPad truly capable of being a post PC device?

If so what do future generations of the iPad need in terms of hardware and software to make it a true post PC device?

I know many people were upset with the lack of Flash support, and USB and SD ports at the original iPad launch, but Apple had good reasons not to include these and I think Adobe's announcement that there will be no further mobile flash support and the Google Nexus 7's lack of USB and SD port has (at the moment, in my opinion) proven that the decision Apple made was correct.

I believe that the iPad can eventually be a great post PC device for content delivery and content creation but its not there yet. As well as a more versatile, more OSX like iOS, we also need a better way of input than the existing touch-screen, be it accurate voice control or haptic feedback like the Sensig below.


Also, Apple needs to get its cloud services properly in order. I want to be able to have confidence I can store my lifetimes worth of photo's and data somewhere I can easily access them, rather than the limp 30 day limit with the current version of Photostream and slick but non-versatile nature of iCloud.

What do you think?