leaked pictures of an iPad mini engineering sample

Seems like somebody dug up pictures from a plastic engineering sample of the supposedly upcoming iPad mini.


via www.netbooknews.de


via www.netbooknews.de


via www.netbooknews.de

Whether this is actually the real deal or just a an elaborately carved polycarbonate hoax remains to be seen.

Apart from that, the orange slab of plastic does seem to have quite different proportions than the full sized iPad. To me, it looks like it leans more towards the length/width ratio of a Nexus 7 / Kindle. However, since there is no indication of a bezel/display to be seen on this chunk of plastic, exact proportions remain unknown.

Other noteworthy details: It seems as though the iPad mini would receive two seperate loudspeakers (or at least two sets of drilled holes) on the bottom of its backside as opposed two just one for the original iPad. Furthermore, the new, smaller dock connector seems to be present in this design as well.

Source: Netbooknews.de