Yves Béhar, Chief Creative Officer at Jawbone and designer of the Ouya game console, is speaking today at VentureBeat's MobileBeat 2012 conference and made some comments on the failed Jawbone Up, a potentially great product he designed that was ultimately marred by a number of flaws. Despite eventually pulling the product from its website (though you can still buy on some third-party sites) and offering to provide owners with full refunds, Béhar says that a new Jawbone Up will make its way to the market: "it's going to relaunch." He went on to note that "components... were failing on the board" and that the issues were a "heartbreak" due to the product's rapid sales rate. Béhar even claimed that the Jawbone Up was the "fastest-selling product ever, outside of Apple products." There's no word on when exactly this revamped product will launch, but we're hoping it keeps the things the Up does well while fixing the extreme instability users are experiencing.

Béhar's comments on the Jawbone Up issues and potential relaunch are below:

"We had a hardware failure on the product, unexpected obviously. It was a heartbreak beause it was the fastest-selling product ever outside of Apple products. It’s going to relaunch. Hardware is hard, doing hardware and software is even harder. In this case it was components that were failing on the board."