Facebook today released SDK 3.0 Beta for iOS, a full suite of new tools designed to help apps with Facebook integration become "a natural extension of Apple’s iOS environment," a Facebook spokesperson said. While most of these resources are deep in the nitty gritty of iOS development, the new SDK will essentially allow your app to take advantage of the onboard Facebook credentials present in iOS 6. Twitter apps had to go through the same procedure when iOS 5 added Twitter integration last year.

Among the new tools Facebook offers for free are UI elements you can use to drop a Facebook profile picture, friend picker, or Facebook Place picker inside your app. These resources make it easy for an app to pop in a window where you can tag friends or check-in at a Facebook Place without having to create solutions of your own. Everything in the new SDK is guaranteed to work on devices running iOS 4.0 or later, and should make apps run much faster thanks to a much more efficient batch API calls feature.

Facebook also launched an updated iOS Dev Center, a site filled with literature and tutorials for developers attempting to integrate iOS apps with Facebook. While we're excited to see better-integrated social apps on iOS, we're even more excited for the "blazing fast" native iOS app update Facebook is allegedly readying for launch this summer.