Nikon's EN-EL15 battery pack has officially been recalled in the US and Canada following a handful of short-circuiting incidents that resulted in overheating. Before you get too worried, the defect is only present in battery packs bundled with D7000 and D800 DSLRs from February to April of this year. The camera maker first acknowledged the problem and instituted a voluntary recall of the packs back in April, but now that the issue has been picked up by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada it is now illegal for the units to be sold. Nikon's original advisory stated that many affected models were still out in retail channels, so it's a relief to hear they will now be pulled off of shelves. We've heard conflicting reports that defective units were also included with the D800E and Nikon V1, so if you have either of those cameras it can't hurt to pop the pack out and check for yourself. If you've got an "E" or an "F" as the ninth character in the lot number (illustrated below), you've got a dud and should immediately stop using the battery until you get a chance to submit a claim to Nikon. The problem is fairly widespread worldwide, with 195,000 units affected, but only 5,100 and 1,100 are located in the US and Canada, respectively.