Bing Rewards: Free Stuff for Searching! Google It...

A co-worker turned me on to Bing Rewards. It's a simple and interesting strategy by Microsoft to get people habituated into using Bing instead of Hot Bot, AltaVista, or even Google. Basically, you sign up for the program (which requires a Windows Live or a Facebook account), and accept their terms, log in, and start searching with Bing. The more you search, the more free stuff you can get. My buddy already scored a free month of Hulu Plus.

I'm tempted to share the link in this post, but:

1) I don't want this to look like spam


2) I think it's funnier to make you search for it

My take: I love some of Google's products, but there are plenty that I don't. This is the first compelling thing I've experienced to lure me to search elsewhere. I use search engines all day at work, so may as well score some free stuff, y'know? Searching on Bing for a day kinda felt good. Bring on the competition, I say. Hopefully Google will counterstrike with something better.

Possible project name: Google Merch