If you're a MacBook Pro with Retina display owner and run Windows through the Parallels virtualization program, we have some good news — Parallels Desktop 7 now supports the higher resolution of Apple's new flagship laptop. We're not surprised to see this update come through, as the company updated its Parallels Mobile for iOS software to support the new iPad's Retina display back in May.That's the only major change, but it will certainly be welcome news to those using the newest MacBook Pro. As before, Parallels Desktop 7 supports not only Windows 7 but also the Windows 8 Release Preview, Chrome OS, and Ubuntu. Parallels also says that its software will be updated to support the final versions of Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion when they're available for customers. In the meantime, the update is available now for those who want full Retina-display goodness.

Update: Despite what Parallels announced, the desktop virtualization software does not yet fully support the Retina display.