OPERA USERS: What are your essential extensions?

Using Opera has significantly improved my browsing experience, especially with these extensions...

  • CleanTube - This extensions can get rid on everything on YouTube pages that's not necessary to view videos.
  • Facebook Ad Cleaner - Facebook Ad Cleaner removes ads only and keeps other sidebar stuff (friends list, notification, etc.)
  • No Google Search Redirect - Google adds redirection to its search results to investigate user behavior and other things. (Good for copying URLs from Google Search)
  • Opera AdBlock- Probably my favorite. Subscribe to ad blocking lists and enable ad blocking in Opera.
  • YouTube AdsFree - With server block option enabled this extension will prevent ads from appearing in embedded videos and youtube.com/leanback page.
  • YouTube WebM Plus - The official YouTube HTML5 Trial offers most videos for playback in WebM format. WebM Plus takes care of the rest. (If you have youtube.com/html5 on, it doesn't do all the videos. this finishes that) It's useful if you don't want to load Flash. Videos seem to load faster too. Can be buggy about 2% of the time.

I have more extensions, but those are my essential ones. You'll notice they're mostly ad blocking and cleaning up web pages. It ends up being a more fluid experience overall.