The once-every-two-year nature of the Olympic games means that it offers a convenient way of observing the changes in mainstream technology, and for this year's games social media is playing a bigger part than ever before. NBC is teaming up with Facebook for the event with changes to the NBC Olympics page and website. The Facebook page is being transformed into the primary hub for up-to-date news, and, of course, there will be interactive features like polls and trivia questions. What's more interesting happens off of NBC Olympics' Facebook page: the main site at has been updated with a social sharing option that uses Facebook Open Graph to automatically share what stories and videos you view. Additionally, the partnership introduces Facebook Talk Meter, which monitors and surfaces the content that's most actively being discussed on the social network. It'll all wrap up with on-air Facebook integration during the games, something you'll be able to experience over the internet thanks to NBC's decision to stream all content online.