Proposal design for showing live video on the front page.

Hey everybody, I have a small design I thought would be worth mentioning to verge users who come to the site almost daily. I hate to admit it, but I check this site way too often, either checking up on forums and or seeing news stories. But I'd really like to be more in tune with the video content this site is bringing, that is why I present my concept for front page viewing, that doubles as the top news grid. Here's what the site would look like if you came on while a live podcast was in progress:



You can see what's live front and center, and the audio would be off by default. Here's the thing though, if you want to see news, easy, just hover over the video. Like so:



Where your cursor is, the opacity get's lower, and clicking any of the news stories would work just as they would with no video at all. So in all, this helps us verge users catch podcasts live, without sacrificing the frontpage. What do you think aside from the terrible mockup? Is this a good idea?