Convergence or multiple devices?

This is a response to several posts and articles (for example) espousing the benefits of Microsoft's convergence strategy, and the appeal of replacing multiple devices with one.

To put it simply, I think the question of whether 'one device for any occasion' or 'the right device for the right occasion' will appeal to the most people is as irrelevant as it is debatable. I think some people will want the converged device and some people will want separate devices.

I'm firmly in the second category. Hell, I want more than two! I already have:
- a phone (iPhone)
- a dedicated e-reader (Kindle)
- a large tablet (iPad)
- a laptop (MBA)
- a NAS (Synology)
- a streaming media machine (Apple TV)
- a streaming audio device (Airport Express)
- a games machine (Xbox)

... and I'm waiting on a 7" tablet (Nexus 7).

I've only listed here the computing devices that I use regularly, at least once a week and for longer than a year. I've got a list three times as long of other laptops, games machines, mp3 players, Android tablets & media boxes that don't bear a mention because they're basically abandoned.

Some of these have overlapping actual uses:
- I play games on my phone and tablet as well as the games machine
- I read books on the tablet as well as the e-reader
- I use the internet on my phone and tablet as well as the laptop
- etc...

Some of these have potential overlapping uses:
- I could watch movies on the games machine as well as my streaming media device. But I don't; I prefer the AppleTV.
- I could write books on the laptop as well as my large tablet. But I don't; I prefer the iPad.
- I could sketch/paint on the laptop as well as the large tablet. But I don't; I prefer the iPad.
- I could stream media from the laptop as well as the NAS. But I don't; the NAS is more convenient.
- etc...

I could most certainly 'converge' my computing device usage down to fewer devices, but I don't want to. I want to use the best tool, or even just my preferred tool, for the task at hand. If all these devices sync/share data (which most do), all the better. I want them all, enjoy them all (except for that f#!@ing Kindle which needs to die in a fire), and maybe even have room in my life for more (hello iPad mini!). I guess I'm just a gadget-loving guy.

What about yourselves?