iPhone to Android (SGN) or Wait?

Right now I have the iPhone 4s. I had the HTC Evo 4G with Sprint, and was having issues with the phone (it would not send text messages or accept phone calls). I switched to ATT and got the iPhone simply because it was going to cost me less for my Fiance and my family all have iPhones, it was easier.

Now however, I am looking at everything you can do on Jelly Bean, ICS. I got myself the Asus Transformer Prime with ICS and have been loving the experience.

I want to get the SGN, or well am debating it. It's 350 on Google Play. Got JB today as well.

Should I make the switch over back to Android despite the money? Or wait it out with the iPhone for something else.

Note: I am only going with STOCK Google. I am not a fan of Sense, TouchWiz, etc. And not in the mood to root my phones.