For anyone who didn't get an invite to the annual Sun Valley conference in Idaho this week, ad agency Eleven has an innovative solution. It won't get you a face-to-face with Tim Cook, but Skippy the Robot will let you skip a real stone across a real Sun Valley lake without ever leaving your browser.

Designed to promote the resort as a tourist destination, Skippy allows users to control angle and force, recording each throw. Sign-up is via Facebook Connect or Twitter, providing a simple conduit for sharing the resulting video.

As with anything in the real world, Skippy has its limitations — users can only skip stones during Mountain Time daylight hours, and, as Gizmag points out, there's usually a pretty big queue. It's still an ingenious idea, though, and a step up from the famous Trojan Room coffee pot. For more about the project, check out the "making of" video below.