Windows Phone directors departures to Amazon as Amazon itself going to embrace the Windows Phone platform

The title says it all, If that is true I am not surprised at all. Microsoft enjoys - maybe - these kind of moves, departure of one its employees to another company. I think all of these departures are planned, well planned. As an example, Steven Elop worked for Microsoft before starting at Nokia as an CEO. Elop worked for Microsoft from January 2008 to September 2010 as the head of the Business Division, responsible for the Microsoft Office line of products, and as a member of the company's senior leadership team. During his time at Microsoft, the Business Division released Office 2010. Elop is the one who made Nokia makes Windows Phones. I see that Microsoft has maybe caught Amazon in their Windows Phone's nest. Amazon will make Windows Phones and maybe a Windows 8 RT Kindle Fire?







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Link to one of Windows Phone Director's departure article By Tom Warren

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