I wanted to like Windows 8, but I don't. Here's why.

I really, really, wanted to like Windows 8. I like Metro. I like Windows Phone. The Surface looks awesome. But I can't like Windows 8 in it's current form. There's too many inconsistencies, too many things that don't work as well as they did on Windows 7.

1) The Start Screen is great. It's fantastic. It's much better than the desktop, the desktop just sits there being either a blank slate or a cluttered mess of icons. What I don't like is that they exist together. The desktop should have gone. The base screen you see when everything is minimised should be the Metro Start Screen.

2) I hate how the Metro apps and Desktop app live on the hidden sidebar, and the legacy apps run on the desktop taskbar. It's really, really disconcerting. I don't like having to go to the sidebar to find my open Mail app when I'm in Desktop, or being in a Metro app and not being able to switch right back to Firefox.

3) My solution to the above would be to abolish the desktop, to have the Start Screen be the default screen that you see when everything is minimised, and then have the taskbar below the Start Screen, with Metro and legacy apps living side by side on the taskbar.. Bring back the Start Button, make it a "Return to Start Screen" button instead of launching the old Start Menu.

4) The Metro apps. I know it's just a preview right now, but I don't see why "simple, clean and straightforward" needs to mean "horribly lightweight". The Music app can't even change meta data. And for that matter, why must they always be full screen? By all means, use something to keep the apps looking good, like restricting resizing to preset sizes, but I think making all the apps full screen is a mistake.

Anyway, that's my two cents. And don't worry, I'm not going to go over to Apple. I will use Windows 8, even though there's things I don't like about it. I just think it could be a lot better than it is.