Hypothetical £150 - Nexus Tablet or Pebble Watch?

Let's just say that I have this hypothetical amount (as it's not been okay'd with the wife :-/)

Which would you buy? Bearing in mind I own a nexus phone already on Jelly Bean so the Jelly goodness isn't that big a selling point and frankly I'd rather have a 10" as 7" is too close to the nexus size anyway. However it's such a bargain and such good specs for the money...

The pebble comes in a little cheaper at $150 but I expect the shipping costs would bring it pretty close to £150. I haven't worn a watch in over a decade, however if I were to ever wear one again, this would be it. It would let me leave my phone in my pocket for longer than I do now, thus making me a bit *more* sociable, something I think the tablet would reduce...

Do I *need* either? Of course not.

Thoughts? :)




P.s. TheVerge - I know the pebble isn't out yet, but you could have a placeholder product for it? :)