Twitter's mobile website has long been a bit of an ugly duckling — a third wheel if you will — since most heavy users rely on first- or third-party iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps, but serves an important role for the many on feature phones, dumbphones, and smartphones without dedicated apps. The company gave the mobile site a major overhaul back in May to bring it in line with the service-wide redesign from December, but now Twitter is offering a bit of a look behind the scenes of optimizing a website to support over 13 different browsers on thousands of devices. It's a bigger problem than you may think — all those different devices have different input methods and screen resolutions — and the engineers wanted to also improve performance. Ultimately, after digging through usage statistics to figure out the best UI and lots of coding, Twitter says it decreased page sizes by 63 percent over the old mobile site. Be sure to check out the full story at Twitter's blog.