Ouya looks awfully familiar

While the Ouya Console is getting a lot of attention over on kickstarter, for those of us that remember, it looks eerily familiar..


Remember the Phantom? The console that never was that spawned the keyboard that never really arrived? The "alternative" to the regular console systems that was supposed to "change the game" because it was by people who "love games."? The console that, at the price, sounded a little too good? You know, the company that people got super interested in, but never really asked any important questions of until late in the game?

Ouya, though not necessarily a scam like the Phantom, is starting to pan outthe same way. So many people on KS throwing money at these people without asking imporatnt investment questions, like how in the world they will make any money. What their timeline looks like. How many prototypes have they completed. What software version are they on? What businessmen are running the company? WHat VC funding have they received? etc. AT this point, folks might as well go to the track and buy an Ouya once it actually launches. They'd be making a better fiscal decision...