GF's phone died this morning, get her a Nexus?

So this morning we woke up and her phone was fine. It was on the charger all night and the alarm went off and woke us up. Then while we're getting ready for work, she came to me and said the phone isn't turning on. I've tried everything for the past 3 hours and still nothing. The phone is a HTC Sensation from tmobile that I got her for her birthday in December.

Here's the funny part. She was talking to me about getting a new phone 2 days ago, she said she like the S3 (she loves the big phones even though she's tiny at 5'1) but she wants Jelly bean because it looks cool (she was watching some Jelly bean videos on youtube with me). We're not going to spend $700 on a new phone. No way in hell. But she's fine with the $350 to get the Nexus. What should we do? Get the Sensation replaced by Tmobile (possibly free)? Or get the Nexus($350)?