The big question since Google unveiled its Nexus 7 tablet two weeks ago is when users would get their hands on it. Despite the fact that orders directly from the Google Play store still don't appear to have shipped, it looks like some lucky UK buyers should be getting their hands on the new tablet as soon as tomorrow. A tipster wrote in to let us know that his pre-order from had shipped and was scheduled to be delivered on July 13th; the product listing on the site confirms that if you buy within the next eight hours or so you can have it delivered this Friday. There's also a stock tracker on the site which we've seen in the past and verified as a reliable indicator that the retailer has product available.

Obviously, nothing is official until the product is in customers' hands, but it seems that day may be drawing closer for at least a segment of pre-orderers. Unfortunately, those of us who ordered directly from Google itself are still stuck waiting for word on when our tablets will arrive — but if Ebuyer will be delivering them tomorrow, we'd have to expect Google's shipments to be released soon, as well.

Thanks, Bob!

Update: Unfortunately, it appears the Nexus 7 has reverted to "pre-order" status over at Ebuyer. The site now indicates that the Nexus 7 will be available on July 19th. What isn't clear yet is what will happen to those orders that appeared to have shipped. We're reaching out and will let you know if we find out any more information.

Thanks, Ross!