Although Tumblr's popularity should make it easy for the company to make money, founder and CEO David Karp is still struggling with how to implement advertising on the popular social network, the New York Times reveals in a profile piece. In addition to telling the story of how the 26-year-old who never finished high school came to found Tumblr, the article explores Karp's evolving attitude toward ads beginning with his statement in 2010 that advertising "really turns our stomachs."

Since then, Tumblr has incorporated ads into its featured-posts module called Radar and added new features like highlighted posts and pinned posts to generate revenue, but still refuses to sell conventional adds on the site despite Karp's assertion that the company could become "wildly profitable" by making such a move. Ultimately, the company is searching for a way to generate funds to offset its expenses without destroying the creative culture of the service. For more on Tumblr's founder and his views on advertising, check out our previous coverage of David Karp's advertising strategies and the New York Times piece at the source link below.