HTC Has some explaining to do...

I've been requesting Kernel Source for my Evita based HTC One X AKA the One XL for a little over a month now. I send a request once a week. I get back the same canned response from HTC stating that they typically release source 90-120 days after a device hits the market. So TODAY the Source for the Evo 4G LTE hits HTC Dev.

Can someone who is knowledgeable about GPL compliance help me figure out how to force HTC to release the Source?

Several projects are on hold because there are bugs that cannot be fixed until source is released. I was waiting patiently but with the EVO 4G LTE source released today and nothing for the Evita phones which have been out a month or more longer, something seems fishy. The conspiracy theorists blame At&T, but I don't think it's their fault.

Is there any rhyme or reason to Source code release?