Nielsen's newest report shows that as smartphone adoption continues to grow in the US, Android and Apple's iOS are rising in popularity, with Android holding a slight edge over its competitor. This popularity comes at the expense of smaller companies like Blackberry and Windows, which hold steadily declining portions of the growing smartphone market. Smartphone adoption among US subscribers passed the 50 percent mark in March, and has reached 54.9 percent as of June 2012. New adoption momentum has remained steady, with smartphones making up about two-thirds of all new purchases.

The report shows that Android and Apple are both growing within the expanding market, with Android at 51.8 percent and Apple's iOS at 34.3 percent. Meanwhile, Blackberry has dwindled to just 8.1 percent, and only 4 percent of new adopters are choosing Blackberry products. Microsoft has also seen a less dramatic decline, dropping from 5.8 percent in March to 4.3 percent in June. While Android and Apple are both successfully edging out their competitors, Android is growing slightly faster. 54.6 percent of new subscribers choose Android phones, and 36.3 choose iOS — a figure significantly below the 43 percent new adoption rate reported in February.

In the manufacturing realm, Apple is solidly the highest producer at 34 percent because of the company's lack of fragmentation. The Android ecosystem holds a larger market share at 51 percent, but is split between Samsung (17 percent), HTC (14 percent), Motorola (11 percent), and various others (9 percent).