Facebook today announced that engagements and weddings will now inhabit the important top-right box of your News Feed right next to birthdays and today's events. Sticking important events like weddings and engagements in such a visible spot pretty much guarantees you won't miss them, and is a clear sign from Facebook that it plans to continue its attempts at highlighting the most important events in your social network. Whenever a friend of yours edits their profile and says they're engaged or married, the story will show up in the top-right box of your News Feed.

Like with birthdays, engagements and weddings can be commented on, but there's also a "see friendship" button that shows you photos of the couple together, wall posts between them, and other data public to you assuming you're friends with both people. Looking forward, Facebook plans to highlight other momentous "celebrations" in this same space, a Facebook spokesperson said. None of this stuff will filter into your new Facebook Events calendar quite yet, unfortunately.