The Android 4.0 OTA updates for Galaxy S II-class devices continue to roll out. The latest to get them are Sprint's version, the Epic 4G Touch, and US Cellular's Galaxy S II. Sprint is rolling its update out over-the-air, while US Cellular is taking the more convoluted route of requiring a tethered update to a Windows PC. As Engadget notes, the original changelog from Sprint incongruously mentioned Android Beam, but it appears that somebody over at the carrier has fixed that detail up in light of the fact that the Epic 4G Touch doesn't have NFC. Otherwise you're looking at a pretty bog-standard update to Android 4.0, including the new multitasking behavior, Face Unlock, redesigned camera app, and blessed compatibility with Google's Chrome browser for Android.

The updates follow the June 25th availability on AT&T and, we can't help but point out, leaked hints of Android 4.0 for Sprint's Epic 4G Touch going all the way back to February. No word on when or if Android 4.1 will arrive, of course, but there's enough in Android 4.0 to perhaps tide you over until we find out more.