How a I got a pretty great deal from T-mobile and Galaxy Nexus.

I had been wanting to try out Android, but did not want to get stuck with a 2-year contract. When Google started selling the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ phone directly, I decided to buy. The GNex supports both T-mobile and AT&T. Next challenge was how to get service on the phone. I wanted to take advantage of the supposed cheaper prepay plans. I then came across the Walmart-only special where you get unlimted web and data with 100 minutes of talk with T-mobile. This is like tailor made for me. Things finally came together.

To get this plan, you have to buy an eligible phone at Walmart, then active the service over the phone. Finally you swap out the SIM into your Galaxy Nexus and you are done.

Given the fact that T-mobile lets you do wifi hotspot for free. This is an incredible value.

$350 for Galaxy Nexus

$50 - $70 for tmobile prepaid phone

$30/month for t-mobile.

I don't think this is any secret. I just wanted to share this great deal.