The Adorama Odyssey: Nexus 7 Orders

I have been saying in forums and post comments for weeks now, that I was going to wait until Nexus 7 is shipping before I make the purchase. I wanted to minimize the wait as much as possible by buying the instant they start shipping to customers. Well today I got that sign.

Adorama and Ebuyer today had Nexus 7's in stock and not only started taking orders, but shipping devices. I went to Adorama and put the device in the cart and saw that I wouldn't have to pay sales tax like on the Play Store, saving me over 20 bucks! I said fuck it, and completed the order.

Then I started getting disconcerting news that people were getting emails and calls saying their orders were cancelled, or couldn't be completed due to Google halting sales. It was worrying because I was essentially in the same boat. And then just 20 or so minutes ago, I got an email confirming that my order had shipped! Not only had it shipped, but the shipping had changed from being 2nd day like I chose, to being overnight! They are rushing my device! For some reason, instead of cancelling the order, they chose to rush it through. I wonder what that was?

So my story is kind of the fortunate inverse of the stories in the forums a few days ago of people having ordered Galaxy Nexuses right before the injunction, and having their orders stuck in a wierd limbo.

Anyone else have Nexus 7 luck today?