Apple better have some serious features if I'm gonna buy the iPhone 5

If Apple is simply making a larger version of the 4S sitting on my desk, then they better have something incredible about it if I'm even thinking about buying. NFC isn't gonna be enough. If this is the case (which it seems like it is) then this is now 3 generations with basically the same look. I have an iPhone, MBP, and going to get an iPad before I go to law school (so obviously that makes me a terrible person, sorry couldn't resist the joke) so I obviously like Apple as a company, but I think their incentive to make new mobile hardware is fading since they know they have such a crazy following. The same thing is going on with the iPad. Sorry for the rant, but it disappoints me to see the company that had enough creativity to make a device like the iPhone 4 seemingly taking a break from that innovation.