Google Play store sucks.

$14 for UPS 2 Day shipping. Even if it were to ship out on Friday, by the end of the business day, it won't arrive at most destinations until Monday.

$12-13 for State tax, for a corporation that doesn't even have distribution centers in my area. Why do they need to collect tax from me?

Even domino's pizza will give you by the minute up to date information: Your order was received. Your pizza is in the queue. Your pizza is in the oven. Your pizza is being boxed. Your pizza is being delivered, with ETA.

Not a single peep from the Play store or Wallet since we have placed orders. That is super lame. I would at least be happy with product status updates IE, your tablet is in such and such distribution center, your tablet is being boxed, your tablet is waiting for UPS to pick it up.

Every other company that delivers products over the internet can do this. If Google was being held to ebay's standard's or Amazon Marketplace's standards, they would probably get a pretty low rating.

Congrats Google. You have proven that you can live stream skydiving event, yet you can't get logistics right in the 21st century.

disgruntled one time play store pre-orderer