Will Google unify Android Gallery app and Google+ images

I use Picasa to back up all my photos. When I say my photos, I actually mean our photos, as my girlfriend and I have a shared photos folder on our computer.

The problem with Picasa is that there is no concept of joint ownership of albums, which means if I go to the Gallery app on my phone, then I can see all our photos. My girlfriend cannot do the same, as the photos are uploaded to my account.

A workaround would have been to set up a joint Google account and upload the photos to that, and then sign in on both our phones to see the images appear in the Gallery app. This is all well and good, but far too late for me to bother retrospectively set up a new account, pay for storage on that account, and then upload GBs of images.

I share albums with my girlfriend using Google+ (she doesn't really use it, but it's a way she can access the pictures).

If Google+ is the social backbone of Google's services, and not just another status posting micro-blogging timeline, then surely in the next iteration of Android, the Gallery app should have a section for images 'Shared with you' or similar.

This would prove to be a great way of sharing images that didn't require you to use Facebook as a proxy, and would allow direct access to yours and your friends images.

Didn't mean write that much, well done if you made it through my rambles.