Wacky Apple TV menu concept - well not so wacky

Ok run with me on this.

I'm in the market for a flat screen TV. I really like the new LG's with their magic remote - ingenious. But I was thinking how would Apple 'reinvent' the TV experience. That is if this product actually exists - its going to have to be pretty ground breaking otherwise people won't buy it over the long renowned Samsung and LG panels.

Apple like continuity and strive not to fragment. Had a mini brain-wave whilst I was on my Mac. I hit mission control. I think this system of displaying out all the active content would really fit a TV based model.


The main panel shows the programming which ordinarily fills the screen. Then if you hit the single button on the remote (I assume lol) It drops you into mission control for TV. The program continues to play in the main window. You then get all your TV apps along the bottom that you own. I guess they could end up being 'favourites' TV channels or something. Then up top you could have a window for browsing or emails or a webchat or something. You could have widgets and Back to My Mac or something. You could move around the content with an LG 'like' magic remote (basically like a Nintendo Wii remote) or via voice control ( the last one tenuous I know)


Rubber Ducky