Nielsen: Nobody Wants This Year's PS3 Exclusives

According to Nielsen's list of most-wanted games by platform, the most-wanted games for the PS3 platform are all multi-platform games. The 360 fares better with two exclusives, Halo 4 and Fable: The Journey (No Forza Horizon? Odd). If I understand this correctly, people simply aren't as excited for Wii games overall (with games in the 60% showing up on the Wii list), and it's mostly crap, like Just Dance, which is in both first and third place. Overall, people seem most hyped for PS3 games, though it's only by a few percentage points. What this would seem to indicate is that people are more likely to want games overall on the PS3.

I'm allowed to be significantly amused when Jenova Chen says that PS3 gamers are more adult, art-oriented consumers when their most-wanted games are all multi-platform blockbusters, and their two most desired games are Call of Duty and Madden, right?

Because I'm significantly amused.

That said, I also feel kinda bad--I'm really hyped for Sly 4, a PS3 exclusive, and Dishonored, a multiplatform game with a huge amount of E3 buzz. Neither of these games made it on the list.

A big problem with this poll is that it started before E3 began, which, I think, makes it slightly unreliable.