Seriously, its time for Paul Miller to bring back the mustache!

So this is my first post here at the verge. Not only do i not have the chops linguistically or the proper grammar to really bring my point home, but i will try. Paul Miller needs to grow the mustache back. I'm talking engadget show days mustache. That thing was a beautiful beast. He rocked flannel and a blondish stache of perfection. Whomever is online, offline, or misc and has access to the dumb phone wielding Miller hear my plea. Paul's bigote brings world peace, harmony, and a little bit of joy to a humble reader/listener in Rowlett, TX. How do we know the mustache doesn't hold the key to fending off world hunger, coronal mass injections of biblical proportions, or end the drought in the US? Let's give it a try and bring prosperity and love to world. Much like the black and white cookie did in the eighties. Cheers, big ears.