NewGenBook - Facebook UI/ App Alternative


Screenshot of NGB in action:


Most of you guys will be asking What is NewGenBook ??? well here’s a quick teaser that shows the new Extension in action:

Teaser video:

NewGenBook 3 Teaser (via jeayese)

Rounded Newsfeed profile icons - Get that newgen look that all the designers are doing


Available for Google Chrome:

NewGenBook 3 has been released in the Google Chrome Webstore!

go grab it here and use Facebook with style:

Don't forget to tell your friends and family to check this extension out!

iOS App:


NewGenBook for iPhone now has covers in profiles! check it out!

The first unofficial iPhone app for the iPhone platform that has covers!

Posted Image

Take that Zuckerberg!

Teaser video:

NewGenBook for iPhone Teaser (via jeayese)

Update, Tuesday, July 24 2012



More info coming soon! Will keep The Verge posted