Funniest In-Game Dialogue


We all know how the AI likes to say goofy things from time to time. Sometimes it's completely intended by the developers. Other times, it comes off as being said in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I'm not necessarily talking about cutscenes or scripted one-liners. Just AI dialogue that comes off as being said at the wrong time, or is just being plain hilarious.

In Thief: The Dark Project, I was hiding in the rafters toward the very end of the Bafford job (the very first mission in the game). I shot the guard below with an arrow. His screams alerted his buddy to run over from the next room. He knelt down by him, saying, "Are-are you okay??" followed by a, "No...OF COURSE YOU'RE NOT."

I'm pretty sure I laughed so hard I almost fell out of the rafters.

I also love how in Thief games, you can throw a moss arrow at a guy's face to start choking him. He'll eventually recover, and run around in circles trying to find that bleedin' taffer. Eventually though, they always stop, return to their original post and mutter something about it being the wind. Yes - the wind shoved a moss arrow down your throat. The wind stabbed your buddy to death. The City must have some freaky weather.

List your examples.