How Do I Get that World-Class Apple Customer Service?

You do hear those stories about Apple going out of its way to serve its customers like the one you can find here.

That’s a good story, but Apple didn’t help me with my 2006 MacBook Pro on my recent visit to the Apple Store.

I just learned that the original MacBook Pro whining issue got resolved about 6 months after release (you can get the details here). I was seeking out a fix on a whim recently and found a few Mac news sites pointing to an Apple Support article saying they would service affected MacBook Pros. Of course, that Support article has since then disappeared, likely due to how old an issue it was.

So I stopped by the local Apple Store and talked to a Genius to see if they could help me. While I waited for my Genius to show up, I saw one customer get an iPhone replaced because of mere scratches on the screen and one customer get an iPad replaced that had a cracked screen from her dropping it! For a moment I was impressed with Apple’s customer service.

Then my Genius showed up, and it went downhill. He took a look and a listen and confirmed there was a whining issue. But he seemed to deflect the issue by hypothesizing it could be the hard drive or fan. Conveniently, I replaced the hard drive only a month ago, so I know that’s not the issue. Not only that, this whining issue has been there since day one. Then he goes back and brings out a list of Apple certified repair centers. Apparently the Geniuses aren’t allowed to open up a “vintage” Mac like mine. I left pretty bummed out after watching people with their fancier gadgets getting awesome treatment while my obsolete MacBook Pro is treated as second-rate.

Yeah, I understand my computer is pretty old, so it’s not like Apple is even obligated to do anything. And I don’t want to sound entitled. But it’s not like Apple went out of its way to at least let me know they were servicing my model of MacBook Pro. And I’m a bit surprised Geniuses aren’t certified to open older hardware yet other certified technicians are allowed to.

I wrote an e-mail to Apple Support’s feedback page since they don’t want me talking to them about my out of warranty Mac without paying. Any suggestions on getting some service or am I SOL?