Time to Build a Hackintosh?

I'm not in a desperate need of a new Mac yet, but I'm certainly pondering what to buy next. My ideal Mac in the future would be one that has the specs of a mid to high-end iMac with the upgradability of the Mac Pro. Just give me a tower Mac with a Core i5 or i7. I just don't need a Xeon workstation CPU in my Mac, and I'm certainly not willing to drop $2499 to get a Mac that's actually upgradeable.

I'm not sure what to make of Apple's recent exodus from EPEAT (and its return to it), but as people have noted, it seems to be Apple's decision or design choice to make the MacBook Pro with Retina Display not upgradable may be something they continue with the future Mac lines. But I'm guess we aren't going to see an easily upgradable iMac again anytime soon and certainly not one that has a desktop GPU or an upgradeable one. And of course, the Mac Pro kind of got left hanging at WWDC and won't be upgraded until 2013 according to an unnamed Apple rep. Then again, Apple is giving me mixed messages by returning to EPEAT, and the Mac Mini surprisingly easy to upgrade RAM. We're also in-between refresh cycles for the desktop line, and I'm not planning on buying a new Mac until next year at the earliest really.

But, all of this uncertainty and thinking has made to look into the Hackintosh community. I know a few people that took the plunge and seem happy with that decision. I'm thinking if there isn't any significant changes to the iMac or Mac Pro lines in the future, then I just might have to start building my own desktop Mac. But I'm not clear on how to go about building one. It seems like all of the articles I'm finding are out of date. And based on the articles that I have seen, the hardware choices seem to be pretty picky.

Anybody with some experience willing to share their thoughts?