Why Windows Phone 8 will succeed! Trolls should be mad...

So, I'm thinking that WP8 will do fine despite some of the blatant negativity that has surrounded it lately (out of fear?). The reason why is actually pretty simple. If you read any WP7 review, you'll notice that most people like the Metro interface. You'll also notice that their are plenty of people (in the know) that are at least interested in the design.

But, what has really been holding back Windows Phone? My answer is bleeding edge features, especially from a hardware standpoint. Just about every review you read praises the OS as a whole (despite a few missing features which we are expected to get), but they always point out things like lack of HD screens or multi-core processors. Heck, some people ripped the Lumia 900's camera a new one because it doesn't live up to the Nokia standard.

But, Microsoft has added support for HD screens, multi-core processors, NFC, and so on to WP8. So, what now? There's a reason that Microsoft is injecting cash into Nokia and plugging Nokia's name in just about every single WP video. It's because they are looking to Nokia's patent portfolio to help in the hardware realm. Personally, I think Microsoft wants Nokia to be Window Phone's Samsung.

So, now, you may be wondering what does Nokia actually have to offer in the hardware space. Well, they have a lot to offer and are leading in quite a few areas.

1. Pureview and Rich Recording - Instead of personally going into detail, I'm going to quot Engadget's Pureview 808 review because they're known to have Apple bias. (make sure you go to their website so that you can see the videos which are amazing, especially the Rich Recording one)

This device instantly obliterates every other cameraphone, while simultaneously giving most dedicated point-and-shoots the proverbial finger. It's that good.

Not only is video performance absolutely superb -- easily beating the competition -- sound quality is another strong point thanks to Nokia's Rich Recording technology, which uses MEMS digital microphones and enables clear, distortion-free audio capture at levels up to 140-145dBs.

It's clear that Nokia's 808 PureView represents a revolution in terms of stills and video performance -- not just for cameraphones, but for the entire imaging industry. This (along with Lytro's light field technology) is the dawn of software photography, where hardware still matters but is kept simple, compact, reliable and affordable. We'd be surprised if pixel oversampling doesn't make its way into point-and-shoots and eventually even mirrorless and reflex interchangeable lens cameras -- just imagine this technology being combined with a full-size sensor and ultra-fast prime lens. In the more immediate future it's likely that PureView will play an important role in Nokia's next-generation Windows Phone 8 handsets. We can't wait.

2. Screen Technology - ClearBlack display is pretty awesome. Anyone that has a Lumia should know that. All it's missing is the HD spec. Anyways, here's another quote from Engadget.

One pleasant surprise is the screen's performance outdoors. The Lumia 900 offered a similarly stand-out experience, and again, it seems a sensible development for Nokia's first PureView device -- you'll be wanting to take photos outside, and you'll want to see them immediately. Nokia's ClearBlack screen gave us colors that were predictably realistic and contrast was superb, despite the dearth of pixels.

3. Build Quality - iPhones are easily breakable and the Galaxy line is still complained about for feeling cheap. Nokia makes durable products that feel solid.

Another Engadget quote about the Pureview:

While the 808 PureView forgoes the N8's metal casing, we can't think of a phone that has a more solid-feeling plastic shell than this. It feels so hardy that if we were to accidentally drop it, the pavement below us might come off worse.

I'm also sure that most Lumia owners can attest to this as well.

4. Audio - Nokia has teamed up with Dolby to bring industry leading portable audio. You can already find this technology in the Pureview 808, N8, and N9.

a. Dolby Digital Plus

b. Dolby Headphone

Full article - Dolby and Nokia putting Hollywood magic in your hands – and ears

Also, I'm expecting for Microsoft to make a huge push for enterprise with WP8. Here's the Android Authority article if you want to see the business features (go to #7). The whole article is about the new features coming to WP8; at least the ones we know about so far. There's even a poll at the end.

So, what do you guys think?

Side note: I know I made another post similar to this one, but I made this one because I did a bit more research on Nokia's technology and the Engadget review is new.