While Sprint may have turned on its LTE service a little early over the weekend, the carrier has officially announced the 15 total cities where users can get on its new network. While we already knew about the main metropolitan areas of Kansas City, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Sprint also turned on service in Waco, Texas, bringing the total list of cities with LTE coverage up to 15. This comes thanks to an "accelerated build schedule" that beefs up Sprint's coverage in Texas, where it already had coverage set for the biggest of the state's cities. Additionally, Sprint gave more details on smaller markets surrounding its major launch markets where customers will be able to get service, including five additional cities in Georgia, three in Texas (not including the Waco launch), and one in Missouri. For those not living in these areas, there's no word yet on when Sprint might continue its LTE rollout — the company says that it'll announce more LTE markets in the second half of the year.

The full list of cities where Sprint LTE service is active is below.

Atlanta, GA; Athens, GA; Calhoun, GA; Carrollton, GA; Newnan, GA: Rome, GA; Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Granbury-Hood County, TX; Houston, TX; Huntsville, TX; San Antonio, TX; Waco, TX; Kansas City, MO-KA; St. Joseph, MO