How will updates to Google Now be pushed?

Looking to stir up some discussion on this..

Since Google Now (voice search) is a core operating system app, rather than a downloadable app in the play store... does this mean that we won't see any updates to it until the next operating system update? Surely they won't be able to add any more local phone commands in without updating the OS.


On the last Vergecast Josh talked about how Google Now would get better over time, perhaps months. My thought is that it won't get too much better soon (it will eventually) but we've already seen what Google Now is capable of at least in this first iteration.

Google gives a pretty definitive answer on the web for a query like "what is the population of michigan" but for some reason the voice assistant is not able to speak it back.


No doubt it will improve over time, but it'd be great to hear how/when you think we will see it get updated. What commands will be next?

It seems that Google might be able to make changes site-side that would affect Google Now, for example information added the knowledge graph might allow the assistant to speak more answers, but this is just a hunch.

Anyone know if this is true, or how updates will be pushed?

Seems to me that if Google wants to beat Apple at its own game, they need to do what they do best: iterate quickly. Siri seems to be only updated w/ the OS which is a slow process and reason why Siri hasn't learned any new tricks in a while, so I'm hoping this isn't the case for Android as well.

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